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[8/8/18] We were featured on News 9!

Last week we were honored to be apart of a special feature from News 9 broadcasting our recent customer interest in at-home supplies for growing Medical Marijuana.

For almost a decade, we have been Oklahoma City's local supply shop for organic gardening supplies. We started in this business because we are passionate about plants and the healing nutrition plants offer our bodies.

We are thrilled the State of Oklahoma is progressing forward in offering other medical alternatives to pain relief. So, not only do we supply all of equipment for an at-home grower, we have the plant and gardening knowledge to back it up. This benefits our customers in two ways, saving money and growing success. You save money by only buying the supplies you need and by connecting to our community of educated growers, you have a gardening helpline for any questions or concerns you have during the start up process.

So, whatever you want to legally grow, we want to be the community to help you accomplish your gardening goals.

For more questions about gardening supplies and materials, feel free to reach out to us!

Email us at:

Give us a call: 405-528-GROW (405-528-4769)

Or better yet, come see us!

Organics OKC 2800 N. Pennsylvania Ave.Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 73107

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