About Us


We are locally owned and operated; a husband and wife team raised on a love of gardening and the outdoors. We had the desire to take our growing to higher level, by going organic, pesticide and gmo free.   


Unable to find what we needed locally, we decided to open our own organic garden supply center. We are here to serve our community: from novice to master gardener, local farms, community gardeners, and hobby gardeners. 


We have everything from the best organic soils and nutrients, for the traditional outdoor gardener, to the most innovative and state of the art products for indoor gardeners, including hydroponics, aquaponics, and horticultural-grade lighting.


Our goal is to help you garden healthy, sustainably, and chemical-free. We want to make your gardening dreams into reality.


We carry nutrient brands such as:  General Hydroponics and Organics, Fox Farm, Happy Frog, Botanicare, Earth Juice, and Holland's Secret.  We have lighting from: Sunlight Supply and Hydro Farm, plus more. We also have locally made products, like Smart Pots, made in OKC. We also grow our own plant and veggie starts to jump-start your garden, organically grown and competitively priced.


Come by and meet our team of wonderful and knowledgeable staff.


Thank you for shopping locally,

Marc and Janine Bradley

Owners of Organics OKC

Life is a garden, just dig it!